Vaccine Legislation Based on Fraudulent Information

vaccine legislationWhile the California legislature is poised and ready to sign into law SB 277 on vaccine legislation, putting an end to personal and religious vaccine exemptions, I sit here reading a highly explosive, confidential report from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  This report, brought to my attention by a colleague choosing to be known only as the Inquisitive Inquirer, reveals the intentional withholding of information demonstrating the dangers of one of the most common vaccines administered to newborns and infants in the U.S. (Infanrix™ hexa). The passing of SB 277 and efforts at mandating mass vaccination using Infanrix™ hexa or other vaccines potentially causing adverse effects should be postponed or rejected until this new information has been properly reviewed.

Confidential Vaccine Report Compelled to Be Released to the Public

This internal confidential report (Report A) was never intended to be released to the public, but was done so as a matter of public record after being ordered to do so by a judge in connection to a court case in Milan, Italy. (Where GSK fought to keep it from being made public.)

The official report released by GSK (Report B), used by the medical community and by which SB 277 is based, is 281 KB and thirty-four pages whereas, the confidential report (Report A) was 12.2 MB and 1,271 pages. Report B conceals the enormous amount of adverse effects included in the confidential Report A.

Report B’s Adverse Reactions are cut down severely and only mention trials that proved to have only a few adverse reactions, attempting to create a cost-benefit ratio towards vaccination. Report A had an adverse events chart that spanned twenty-one pages of tables detailing 824 types of adverse events ranging from fever and dehydration to death.

In Report A it states, “Events are only considered serious if they fulfil GSK medically serious criteria. GSK medically serious criteria are applied automatically only to events from spontaneous, post-marketing or literature case reports. Events arising from Clinical trial cases are not run against the list of GSK medically serious terms.” Yet it is the clinical trial outcomes that GSK shares in Report B.

Section 6, which further covers details about what is considered “GSK medically serious criteria” has been removed from Report A.

Biased Reports Used to Base Vaccine Legislation

The information given to legislators is at the sole discretion of pharmaceutical companies. No independent vaccine testing and safety determination is required. In as much, Americans have put our own and our children’s lives in the hands of pharmaceutical companies such as GSK. They are the ones thus far that have been allowed to determine when something is considered an adverse effect or not, how many cases are needed to deem something a significant adverse effect, etc. Clearly these companies are biased as their main goal is turning profit for their investors. Consumers are not their primary concern, their profit is. And they have proven that they are willing to mislead oversight agencies (like the Food and Drug Administration) in an effort to get their products approved.

Regardless of what good faith effort is used by politicians in order to review and vote upon this legislation, that effort can only be based upon the integrity of the information that is provided. How can a fully informed decision be made if GSK and pharmaceutical companies purposely withhold essential information?

There is absolute justification for parents to have a choice of whether to vaccinate or not. Clearly, doubt can be raised regarding the integrity of GSK and the safety of Infanrix™ hexa (and by default, other vaccines).  The passing of SB 277 and efforts at mandating vaccination should be postponed or rejected until this new information has been adequately reviewed and proper research has been done: independent research on vaccines, research done on the combined schedule of vaccines administered and research done on the long term effects of vaccines. If this legislation is approved based on the given faulty information and lack of full disclosure, the entire law will be based upon a fraud perpetrated by at least one pharmaceutical company, GSK, which leaves room to believe this fraud extends to others as well.


INFANRIX hexa® vaccine includes the combined diphtheria and tetanus toxoids, acellular pertussis, hepatitis B (recombinant), inactivated poliomyelitis, and adsorbed conjugated Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines.

Confidential GSK Report (Report A):

Released GSK Report (Report B)

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