Heal the Children (Book)

Heal the Children_Cover FINALHeal the Children provides a startling view of how food and environments on school campuses are threatening the health and well-being of an entire generation. It’s a story of survival and a cry for change.

For the first time in history, the current generation of children in North America is not expected to outlive their parents. Childhood obesity, metabolic syndrome, attention deficit disorders, type 2 diabetes, early hypertension and childhood cancers are impacting both the health and happiness of millions of children. What makes this both sad and tragic is that this decline is largely preventable. It has to do with misinformation, poor food quality, lack of healthy food on school campuses and other poor health choices that are taught and established at school (and in many homes).

Pick up your copy today and learn:

  • What dangerous foods are found on school campuses
  • What food and lifestyle habits on campuses are promoting disease
  • What diseases are associated with food and lifestyle
  • What can parents do about it — both at home and in schools

I have found that most parents truly just want what’s best for their children and are confused by all the conflicting information. They believe something to be “safe” if the Food and Drug Administration or government agency allows it on the market. But as this book will show, that is often not the case. The safety of a product is often not required or established until lawsuits are won due to damages and a product is forced to label or be removed from the market. At present, it is consumers, not government agencies, who must drive this process and demand safety in our food supply. There is presently no one looking after the health of your child but you!

It was the quest and struggles of my youngest son to maintain his health while attending public school that became the inspiration for this book. We hope that the information contained herein touches a core for you, saves you from going through what we have had to go through, encourages you to educate your own children about nutrition, and provides a blueprint for how to help change the current system so that more kids can thrive.

I am one parent who stood up and said, “NOT MY CHILD!” Will you join me? It is my hope that Heal the Children will provide you the tools, the motivation and the strategies to change the future for our children.

Together we can help our children heal and make an informed choice for health!

Armed with scientific facts and practical strategies, proactive parents and health professionals can work together to stem the rising tide of what have traditionally been adult-onset diseases being diagnosed in childhood and change the long-term health outcomes of an entire generation of “at-risk” children.

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