Should we FEAR Gene Information…or RESPECT it?

We need not fear gene information. Many people come to my MTHFR A1298C Facebook group or contact me privately, in fear over getting an MTHFR “diagnosis” after their health has already started to decline or in concern about the health of their child.

Understanding your genetic information should be your birthright.

First of all, learning about genes that exist in your body is not a diagnosis. It just “is.” It is, as far as I am concerned, your birthright. We should all know, from the time of birth, the nature of our genes so that we can learn to live in harmony with our bodies.
First word of caution: modern society has taken us so far out of tune with harmony — THAT is what is the leading cause of disease today.

The MTHFR gene mutation (more accurately called a single nucleotide polymorphism, SNP or “snip”) has existed and thrived in our bodies for thousands of years.

Overwhelming and unrelenting stress is NOT harmony for our genes.

fear gene information

It is our changing environment (overwhelming daily and constant stress), food (junk food, GMOs, hybridized wheat, folic acid fortification), chemical exposures (also from food, vaccine adjuvants, body care products)…and more…that are causing us to “fall apart” at younger ages. New research is showing that if we (mother OR father) are having problems with our genes at the time of conception, those genes are passed on expressing (as opposed to being silent or just gently slower, but likely working with partner genes to make up for deficits).

Fear is another form of stress. It will not serve us well in our quest for healing…unless of course it simply serves as motivation for change.

The ultimate goal: all parents learn their genes and how to “calm” them (improve their overall function) BEFORE conception and teach our children how to live in harmony with their genes…as they are. NOT how to manipulate them, NOT how to cut them out or off, NOT how to drug them into silence. Medical science has its place, but IMHO, they still have no business attempting to manipulate a single gene in our bodies when they still fail to recognize how our entire genetic makeup is like a master orchestra…every piece has a part (some small, some larger) in our greater expression of life.

Micronutrient insufficiency can cause genetic problems and correction can repair them.

For those of us whose genes are already expressing in negative ways: depression, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and so very much more, START with food. PLEASE do just go looking for “what supplement is best.” NEXT, learn how to change your lifestyle to reduce stress. Learn how to reprogram your “ancient brain” to respond differently to small daily stresses and give yourself some personal care time to help your body recover from your daily stress exposures. LASTLY, contact my office or with a professional to learn best how to support your genetics in order to calm genes that are currently expressing and fine tune your nutrition so that your body can exist in harmony with itself and the rest of the world.

How can you learn more? You can request a genetic kit at They will not provide you with medical information. You will use the raw data obtained there to create a variance report from one of many online companies. From there my office or one of many specialists can help you understand the significance of your gene data in combination with your family and personal history, present symptoms, health goals and more.

CHEERS to understanding how we can best use this awesome information that is now at our fingertips. Information IS power!

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    • Hi Tania, I’m sorry to hear about your breast cancer. I am hopeful that your doctors are helping you with the best possible treatment. I would encourage you to work with a functional medicine practitioner or health coach regarding your diet and lifestyle in order to help optimize your genes from here on out. One of the unfortunate realities of MTHFR is a compromised detoxification system, which of course can keep toxins and spent estrogens in our body. If we only knew 40 years ago what we know now… But, our food supply is still the primary culprit for the majority of toxic exposure by children and adults in the general population. The Environmental Working Group ( has some great resources to help you understand how we get xenoestrogens in our body through our food, body care products, clothing and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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