The goal of the Griffiths Functional Medicine team is to help you improve the quality of your life: feel passion rather than pain daily, increase energy, achieve optimal weight naturally and age with vitality. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

“They” lied! It’s not normal to decrease energy and have interrupted sleep as you age. But to find your energy again, it’s not about popping a pill, drinking “energy” drinks or finding the fountain of youth. The fountain of youth is bubbling inside of you…trying to find its way out! Releasing it is a matter of discharging years of baggage, previous traumas (both physical and emotional), nourishing your soul…and your cells.

My (Angela’s) journey that lead to the creation of Griffiths Functional Medicine

Griffiths Functional Medicine was created in order to help you avoid the issues I faced during my own personal journey. For most of my life I had an abundance of energy, could do just about anything I put my mind to (going for the finish, not first place), birthed three children naturally and loved a physical challenge. But life is not always easy or smooth, is it?

The crash of superwoman: learn from my lesson. I’m learning to choose my battles cautiously and love more fully. I was blessed with a beautiful re-marriage, have lived an awesome life raising my children, found my inner-athlete…began to feel like a super-woman. But inside, baggage was building. Don’t kid yourself: childhood, divorce, abuse and violence, death, loss of a dream, grieving…it all leaves scars, which put stress on your body. Then…a series of events toppled me. They were no more serious or significant than others I had survived, but the air stopped, and I crashed. Hard! We can only keep up that pace for so long before our body says, “no more!”


Five years of visits to mainstream doctors resulted in a diagnosis of, “it’s in your head, you need anti-depressants.” Now, I am not slamming the true need for some to use anti-depressants for severe clinical depression. That was not me. I found it a cop-out: “I don’t know what’s going on, so it must be in your head.” Anger fueled me, but my continuing decline of health pushed me to find answers. Intuitively, I knew something was going wrong inside me.

“Functional medicine is, simply put, the science of creating health.” – Mark Hyman, MD. I found a doctor friend who worked with me, using functional medicine principles, to not just treat my symptoms, but to find out what happened to my body that made those symptoms rear their ugly head. We treated nutritional deficiencies, cellular damage caused by chronic stress, toxicity overload and more. This led me on a path of wanting to know why…why did these things happen? The world of nutrigenomics, the study of the effect of food and food constituents on gene expression, opened my eyes and allowed me to further heal my body and optimize my genes.

I am living proof that there are answers out there! But we must learn to listen to our bodies and demand answers.


You CAN expect to wake up refreshed and energized.  Nutrition, understanding how vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and more, interact with our cells to produce life-giving energy and vitality is not something taught in conventional medical school and not researched by pharmaceutical, chemical and large agricultural companies. So…we have been wrong to think our conventional doctors would understand this.

Nutrition, all “food,” talks to our cells and, together with lifestyle, can create disease OR create health. That’s right! The information (through food) that we send our cells can over-ride damage. It can even turn OFF inherited genes (keep them from ever expressing themselves).

I am so proud and excited to be part of a movement that is bringing true health and healing to patients across the globe. Don’t settle for lifelong pills and hormonal replacement before you learn what you can do to reverse the damage that caused them to become necessary. It’s never too late! Let’s work together to turn back the clock and unleash the real you!


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